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  1. Multimedia
    If I go to Preferences->General->OSD Messages and set the Playback time as 'Remaining time' or "Remaining Time/TotalTIme" or Remaining Time/Actual Total time" the results are always the same. The lower left shows time going forward (from 00:00:00 onward) and the total time of the video. Even...
  2. All Other Software
    Hello guys: Need some help here. I have a small consultancy business that i run from the home. I need a software for billing purposes. the key elements would be: Date, start time, end time, elapsed time capture. Summation of the times spent (elapsed time) on a Month basis. Billing by...
  3. Windows 7
    My laptop's date and time will reset everytime i shut down and turn on, (not restart) (reset to 2012) I access inetrnet without the right date and time, so everytime i turn on my laptop, i must set the date to right time to go online. It's annoying, then i tried methods on internet but all...
  4. Windows Server
    Hi, I work at a tiny school which has no IT support. After a power cut, students are unable to log in to their individual users due to time being out of sync with server. I don't have info on local login info for these computers. Running XP. I can log in to server computer. Please help!
1-4 of 4 Results