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  1. Apple Mac
    Thank you for your service! I have a MacBook Pro 1TB laptop and it's brand new. I am connected to iCloud. I understand that the cloud is a mirror copy of what I have on my computer. I'm currently recording videos that I will edit and upload to a video server. I also purchased an external 1TB...
  2. Apple Mac
    MBP 2013 500gb 8gbramm. Few months ago had kernel panic error stalling startup, it sat for a while until I attempted and was able to reinstall os few weeks ago. Then few days ago had issues with accessing mail and deleting/couldn't trash anything, 'error - 69845'. Thought update to sierra from...
  3. Apple Mac
    I needed to do a Time Machine restore this morning to get rid of some issues my Mac had developed over the last couple of days. In doing so, I was surprised that Time Machine only gave me the option to restore from early in the day on March 30th. (2 days) While this did fix my Mac, I had...
1-3 of 3 Results