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  1. Business Applications
    Hey guys, I downloaded a free template from internet, because it looked nice and want to work further on it. However behind every letter, there is a yellow colour and I can't find any way to remove it. I tried the text colour, text highlight colour and nothing is working for me. Also I tried...
  2. Windows Server
    I have 6+ years experience with Windows and Mac computers, but haven't had much experience with Server until my new job position. I'm now the sole Admin for a smallish company running a few very old Windows 2008 R2 server (we should be updating the whole shebang soon). I have almost no...
  3. Business Applications
    Hi All, I am trying to save a timesheet template that I update monthly multiple times in the same folder. e.g. I have a template folder with excel files named Anne, Bob, Jane, Rachel, etc; and want to save the new template over the top of these. Currently I am saving them one at a time but I...
1-3 of 3 Results