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  1. Games
    Hi all, I just recently completed a pc build and my gpu is an RTX 2060 Super FE. I just received my new Alienware 27 inch 240hz IPS monitor today, and at 240hz, I have white pixels flashing on dark surfaces, and if I open chrome google has considerable distortion and screen tearing. It’s lesser...
  2. Hardware
    Hello Tech Support Guys, I have this problem for a while now and I need your assistance. I have a GTX1060 6gb and anything I try to plug in my 3 displayports flickers, 'goes blackscreen' and shows a lot of tearing. It happens in and out of games. It doesn't happen on the DVI or the HDMI ports...
  3. Windows 10
    Hi, as of the windows anniversary update (or that's when it started, it could be a coincidence), I've been experiencing some micro-stutter (in some games) and huge stutter in others. I have tried disabling the xbox DVR and a bunch of other anniversary fixes that such as the AHCI. I have also...
1-3 of 3 Results