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  1. Android Mobile Devices
    Is it possible to use one tablet as a keyboard and another tablet for the screen for the word document? I'm going to uni soon and was going to buy a keyboard but I wondered if this was a thing!
  2. Hardware
    When I first gotten my drawing tablet, I plugged it into my PC. The mouse and the tablet could be used at the same time. But recently, my tablet doesn't work if my mouse is connected to the PC and my mouse wouldn't work if my tablet is connected to the PC. How do I fix this?
  3. Hardware
    I bought one of these and it had windows 10 installed but the touchscreen and the sound just wouldn't work, I managed to the drivers for the touchscreen but the sound was just a problem and I've seen this is the issue for many others, tried for ages, everything on the net, nothing worked. Today...
  4. Hardware
    I want to buy a tablet for mainly reading, research work and study. Budget is 115-130$. Small size with better adaptability is preferred. Please suggest a good one. TIA
  5. Android Mobile Devices
    iv got this thing im not 100% sure but Q88 Android Tablet it came with a paper manual am sure i threw it , i left it on charge this is the screen now iv never sin it not sure what it means all tips welcome
  6. Hardware That is the link to my tablet and the instructions on how to install it. I thought I did everything correctly but now my pen will not work. Any ideas on if I possibly didn't download everything? I only downloaded and ran the Mac 10.10~10.15 for dmg...
  7. Hardware
    I'm working with a Lenovo Lynx k3011w IdeaTab Tablet 64 GB 2 GB RAM Intel Atom CPU Z2760 @1.80 GHz Windows 8 STD DPK MIDH The end result I'm looking for is to reset and upgrade to an old version of Windows 10 In attempting to reformat 'HD' via DOS due to being stuck constantly trying...
  8. Games
    I'm unable to open my games on my tablet. When I try to open them it won't even open, it automatically says the app has stopped. None of the games are from the same maker. One game says it can't load because there's not enough room. There's plenty of room on my tablet. I cleared caches, forced...
  9. Networking
    Hi, We are moving to a new address soon. I have contacted NBN & have been advised that 'fixed wireless' is the only option available for the Internet. We have a few issues: 1) NBN have advised that our new address (newly built home) is not registered on the NBN & that we need to choose a...
  10. Android Mobile Devices
    So as ov yesterday my Samsung galaxy tablet 10.1 isn't working rite, the apps like chrome, play store, Google earth all not responding, u press on it & it looks like its loading it but then throws up a box saying ( earth isn't responding do u want to close it with options to report, wait or OK...
  11. Hardware
    I am a design and film student and need guidance desperately about which laptop to buy? Any suggestions for what model/make? What features should I be prioritizing (i.e Hard Drive Storage, Height, Processor, RAM Memory, Screen Resolution?) I have no idea!
  12. Web Design & Development
    So, I've really been stumped with this. Currently in the store I work for, we have a registration (web-based app) Kiosk with iPads and we require that our customers take a picture of their ID. There has been a lot of confusion with the customers on how to do this/which camera to use (front or...
  13. Android Mobile Devices
    I was given a Lenovo tablet by my education institute in which there were education related content and videos. They had their own program installed in it. Now that my course is over, I have the tablet with nothing in it. How can I install Android in the tablet and use it like a normal Android...
  14. Android Mobile Devices
    Recently upgraded my Zenpad S 80 tablet computer to Android 6.0.1. In the process, a software named (Asus) PCLink was removed as it is not compatible with Android 6.0.1. The software enabled the tablet to communicate with a PC over a USB cable and so, now without that software or any suitable...
  15. Other Mobile Devices
    My Lonovo tablet sound now sounds scratchy and the pictures jumpy when watching anything. Also I've noticed notification also sound sketchy. I have cleaned up files etc and turned off and back on, to no avail. Can anyone please assist?
  16. Do It Yourself (Not Computer-Related)
    So, I am a coach and I would like to use a tablet to take video and move around the gym freely. I use an app that delays the video that is taken (live) and I would like that to be shown on the TV. I think I'm missing a network connection or something in order to do this wirelessly. I have tried...
  17. Android Mobile Devices
    I have a Chuwi Hi10 Plus tablet, Windows 10 64 bit/Android 5.1 dual boot, 4 gb ram, 64 gb rom. So I inserted a micro-usb drive into my tablet. The pendrive's plastic body was quite big, so when I tried to connect the usb-c charger (port is right underneath the micro-usb), it wouldn't fit both at...
  18. Android Mobile Devices
    Is there a way we can make our sd card bootable like bootable usb?
  19. Android Mobile Devices
    I just purchased a Samsung Tab A tablet and started going through initial set up sequence. It is for my son who is under 13 so I created a Gmail account for him and then it said it needs a parent account to verify it. So I put in my account and password and it comes up with 'this...
  20. Android Mobile Devices
    Hello. My name is Luke. I want to buy this tablet on I have 3 questions about it though. I have no way of asking wish. I want to know ... 1: Is this an unlocked tablet? 2: Is it fast? 3: What networks does it use? Can it run off of AT&T towers? Thank you. Heres the link. I think...
1-20 of 39 Results