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  1. Networking
    Windows 10, Dell inspiron 13 7000 Recently, my parents switched from Spectrum wifi to T-Mobile wifi and it's pretty slow on my computer, ranging from 1-5 mbps download speed and similar upload speed. The router is right by my room, and away from metal objects. In the same location as my...
  2. Android Mobile Devices
    I'm asking this for a friend who has a Samsung J7 phone that keeps loosing its charge. Maybe too many non-used apps in back ground? :unsure: Can someone give me an idea how to resolve this? If you need more info let me know. Thank you.
  3. Apple Mac
    So I have followed everything in Apple's recommended help guides. The only issue I've come up with is that after I enable WiFi calling on my phone it doesn't give me an option to add another device, but the two devices have the same Apple ID and there's nothing else I think I can do. Prior to...
1-3 of 3 Results