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  1. Apple Mac
    Hello, I am a college student and I record all of my lectures (which are very necessary to me passing) on a Sony IC Recorder ICD-UX560. I have a 2017 MacBook Air (OS Sierra: 10.12.6) and one of my USB ports doesn't work. Well, I decided that this evening of all times (right before midterms)...
  2. Other Mobile Devices
    Writing from Poland, as this device is very unpopular in my Country and virtually no on-line knowledge about it is available. I have bought this computer as off-leased one (here you can see its specs by the Seller, happy with the price, works well, etc. but got really puzzled about its GPU: -...
  3. Windows 10
    I currently own a Surface pro Gen 5, I used to play music on Spotify and have Google Chrome up at the same time as I studied, but I ran into a problem, when ever I have my YouTube open on Chrome (from watching previous videos) and I press the Pause/Play button on my keyboard (F3) it would play...
  4. Windows 10
    My husband got a new surface so I got the old one .We factory reset it and now it's asking me for the bitlocker code, even when it says skip this drive and I go to reset the computer again it's still locked. It's no where to be found. It's not on his OneDrive account for microsoft. I know I can...
  5. Hardware
    hello . i wnat a laptop for video editting and motion graphics . i have heard that these devices are very good for my work but i dont know wich one is the best surface book 2 macbook pro dell xps 15 and my budget is about 2,500 dollars
  6. Archive: Windows Mobile Devices
    My Surface has cracked, very subtly though. It is barely there, but it is causing rapid phantom clicks. I want to disable the touchscreen, but can't do it with the clicks. How do I disable the touchscreen with this problem?
1-6 of 6 Results