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  1. Games
    Hello, I have had problems with my Gaming PC since around the time that I bought it last October (10/21/21). The build is listed below. NZXT Kraken X63 Standard Service (US) Microsoft Windows 10_Home NZXT H510 Elite...
  2. Games
    These two messages keep popping up on my home screen when opening games and my PC. My games are not opening and keep crashing as well as my PC crashing.
  3. Hardware
    Not necessarily hardware but, I've just rebuilt my pc and everything in it is properly put together but when I plug my monitor into my pc it says no display available.
  4. Hardware
    Hey I have an Acer Laptop ( Datasheet PN: NX.GZREM.003 ( ) I have tried everything, from opening my laptop myself to asking Acer Tech Support online and i get mixed answers. Crucial has a tool that checks your upgradability and how many slots you have...
  5. Windows 8
    Hey. I want to ask a question. So i got a problem on charging. When i plug my charger, there's a beep sound and the charging indicator in my laptop is appearing. But after a few moment, the charging indicator is disappearing, means that my laptop is not charging. But when i unplug my charger...
  6. Hardware
    I just got a blue yeti (blackout edition). In every software I use, the mic sounds extremely distorted to the point I can't even understand it. I've been looking for a solution for hours but nothing has worked.
  7. Windows 10
    I am trying to organize my files, and sync them from my windows 10 laptop to my icloud. I like icloud because it is synced to my iphone photos. I am looking for somebody I can pay to help me remotely. What is the best way to find somebody for professional help? It would probably only take an...
1-7 of 7 Results