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  1. Networking
    I've been looking into the configuration of my home WiFi access point, particularly SSH authentication. From what I can see, it's use is if you plan on accessing a network through a public portal. Well, I do not plan on configuring my WiFi for public use. In fact, I'm thinking of hiding the SSID...
  2. Networking
    I wish to know how can I clone an existing 2.4GHz wifi network and extend it with a secondary router, so that in the end any mobile device connected to the wifi to be able to switch seamlessly when it enters the coverage area of the second router. I mean basically to be the same network (not...
  3. Networking
    i have a DELL inspiron 3542 laptop windows 10 installed the wireless driver is updated from the official support site the problem is pc does not detect my wifi when i change router setting to channel 13 and 12 it detect it on other channels from 1 to 11 and connects fine but i get third of...
  4. Networking
    Hello. I am new to the thread and this is my first post. So recently, I tried to set up another guest account on my wifi router. The model I have is an actiontech 1900 nighthawk modem which supports the ability to create separate guest accounts. However, I am having difficulty creating a...
  5. Networking
    Recently had a new router, worked fine for the first day. But now only 2 devices can be used at once and if you walk out of range it will not reconnect without resetting the router. Also there is a few strange wifi networks being picked up, for example; wl0.ssid
  6. Networking
    Greetings! I will try to keep this short. My current Setup: Main Router: Model : Bell Canada Connection Hub SSID : Wifi 1 Security : WAP2 Gateway : Subset Mask : DHCP : On IP Range: to Access Point: Model : D-LINK DIR-820L SSID : Wifi 1...
1-6 of 6 Results