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  1. Hardware
    Hey, I have a Asus x570 Pro wifi motherboard. Motherboard Manual I have two M.2 slots on the motherboard. Have a pcie gen4 drive in the top one near the CPU and works great at full speed. But I've heard that if you plug in a M.2 in the bottom slot it will disable some of the SATA ports on...
  2. Android Mobile Devices
    Please I need help desparately I was transferring videos from android to external ssd and it first took extremely long like +hour just to fail transferring 759 videos (under 75 gb) and only 424 went through and I have 184 that didnt go through. What went wrong? I am really frustrated and need...
  3. Hardware
    Hi, What will be the Read and Write speeds of below product if I have an SSD with read and write speeds of 3445 MB/s and 2886 MB/s (WD SN750 SE), but with a mobo having only PCIe 2.0 x16 (Max 8GBPS), and can I boot from the below device with my SSD with OS(es) on it? Verilux® NVME Adapter PCIe...
  4. Hardware
    Every time I turn my pc on it automatically boots into bios and when I save and exit and/or exit without saving my pc shuts off and turns back on right back into bios. I believe this is from my pc not recognizing my ssd but my ssd is lit up and fully connected. if anyone knows how to help pls...
  5. Hardware
    Hi I recently had to bid farewell to my old Linux ASUS netbook 900a that had served me well for many years. Prior to doing so however I removed the SSD card from the machine. So this is my question. Could anyone tell me where and what sort of enclosure I could buy for the SSD card so that I...
  6. Windows 10
    Hi team I`m trying to setup Windows 10 (not with license, just any kind / pirate soft / doesn`t matter ) to the new laptop, just from shop It has NO Windows, but only SSD 256 gb space (no HDD) Could anyone help me here with advise / communication / discord....or other way Thank you in advance
  7. Hardware
    In disk management, the SSD drive shows online, but when I try to convert it into a basic disk it tells me this: “The operation is not allowed on a disk that is offline” And also does not show any partitions. It shows full storage in BIOS but in Windows, it shows space removing the Kali Linux...
  8. Hardware
    Hello everyone I'm Akash... I bought a new SSD last month and booted it with win 10. Now for some reason, I have to take my HDD and I don't know why my SSD is not booting up without my HDD. Although it's visible in the boot settings it's not booting my win 10. Please help.
  9. Windows 11
    I turned my computer on one day, and out of nowhere I received a blue screen of death. All of the parts in my PC are less than a year old, so this seemed rather strange. I reseated my SSD just in case it was shaken loose, but the error still happened. I was unable to get into windows, only the...
  10. All Other Software
    I was doing a system restore back to before a trojan infection, and it took an unusually long time to work, so I powered off the computer. Stupid move, I know, but at the time I thought the trojan somehow deleted some registry keys and system files or whatever is required for system restore. Now...
  11. Hardware
    Hi! so i got a new m.2 ssd for christmas (Samsung 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD 980) and just installed it onto my motherboard (ASUS ROG B450-F). When i now start my PC tho, it shows the new M.2 SSD, but it also (virtually) kicked out my 2TB HDD. I played around with the SATA cables a bit, to see if they...
  12. Hardware
    My old hard drive is SSD and I replaced it with a 4TB but the windows 10 on my dell is not recognizing the new hard drive. I tried changing settings BIOS but it did not work. When I disconnect the old hard drive it does not boot at all. What do I do
  13. Hardware
    Hey folks, I have a G5 5500 that I'm looking to add an additional M.2 SSD to. The link has a decent breakdown of the machine. I'm looking at installing this 2TB M.2 SSD into the second slot. <- See link. Would anyone be able to tell me if I'm going to cripple my laptop if I do this? Thanks!
  14. Hardware
    So I bought a new SSD 980 m.2 I plugged it into the m.2 port and now the pc won’t boot forces me into bios. Tried a bunch of random Google options but pc is fine as soon as you unplug the m.2. Any ideas
  15. Hardware
    I'm not exactly sure how to explain it, but i installed my new SSD today, and followed the steps in a YouTube video. It told me to go to computer management, and then go to disk management, and to set it up, etc. It got to the part where it told me to make the new SSD into a simple volume, but...
  16. Hardware
    Hi there, I just bought an ssd but I have no where to mount it. Can I just place it on top of my mechanical hard drive (which is not connected) or will there be heat issues?
  17. Hardware
    Hello, my C drive SSD is failling so I brought a new SSD. I had to format it to GPT from MBR in order to clone the files from C drive SSD to this new SSD drive. After I cloned everything to the new drive it does not show up on my pc. I am using windows 10. It does not show up on file explorer or...
  18. All Other Software
    So as the title might suggest, i want to move my OS (Windows 10) from my old HDD to my new SSD, but the programs that i have found, on videos from youtube, all need payment to migrate the OS, and i just didnt know what to do, i used AOMEI backupper, and i started a disk clone, but wasnt sure if...
  19. Hardware
    I recently bought a 1TB SSD to replace my 118GB one in my laptop. I used the Crucial website to check whether the SSD would work with my system and it said it would. After plugging it in using a case I bought on Amazon, and using Macrium Reflect to clone the C: Drive. The new SSD is showing up...
  20. Hardware
    Hi, I currently have an ASUS TUF Gaming laptop which I bought a couple of years ago. The laptop runs some games quite well, however, sometimes I have to change the display settings to a lesser quality. I recently tried to run the Marvel Avengers game however it just kept freezing every few...
1-20 of 197 Results