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  1. Hardware
    I wanna speed up my booting time with a ssd Can set a ssd to my motherboard? Is already an HDD on my system and a Optical Drive / DVD Writer and i have 3 SATA connections 2 is in use wits is White and one 1 black And i wonder if the black one can't support a SSD to booting? Here is my...
  2. Hardware
    Hello, First, let me mention that I'm fully aware that there was a thread about a very similar issue created just yesterday. There are several parallels, but I have a few additional questions that may or may not be relevant to that person's issue. I tried to clone an old HDD onto a new SSD...
  3. Hardware
    These hard drives are getting older (5 years) so it may just be wear at this point but I ran some diagnostics and looked at SMART but nothing pointed out to me why they are reading and writing so slow. If it can't be fixed then I would like to upgrade to SSD's 2 in raid 0 and I'm looking at the...
1-3 of 3 Results