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  1. Hardware
    Hello , Recently my SSD suddenly became extremely slow ,unusable and after i updated its firmware it got fixed. But after a few days my ssd started having the same problem again , very low write speeds (~7MB/s) and for whatever weird reason force turning off my pc temporarily fixes the issue...
  2. Games
    i have recently installed a m.2 ssd as a new boot drive, as i used to use my hdd. i have installed windows and games onto the ssd, and it works fine, but when i try to access certain games and files on the hdd it says there is no program to run it. the files have a curved arrow (shortcut i...
  3. Hardware
    i have literally tried so many videos. to the point where i think i've corrupted my drive. i copied the data( using a software i cannot remember the name of) of my 500gb HDD to my 1tb M.2 ssd. it was all fine i went into to bios to switch the boot drive and when i switched it on i got the...
  4. Web & Email
    so evetime I download a game or just something that needs to be stored in a space it always choses my SSD even though I set my download location to my HDD. because i don't want to run my SSD storage high because its 500gb but my HDD 2tb, or would it just be best to let my SSD fill up then let...
  5. Hardware
    I was playing Black Ops Cold War when suddenly my PC shut off and kept trying to restart but couldn't. I rebooted the PC and after a couple attempts I loaded into windows, however it shut off again when I tried running Black Ops. I assumed it was my old HD that was causing the problem because it...
  6. Hardware
    I5-8300/GTX1050/8GB RAM/Intel Optane 16GB/1 Tera HDD/Windows 10 I want to know, can i replace my intel optane with ssd ? Because I feel running Windows 10 with HDD+Intel Optane is not as smooth as i using HDD+SSD If possible, what type of ssd that i should buy ?
1-6 of 6 Results