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  1. Games
    I used to be able to play a game and talk to friends on skype, now my games lag if I have music open in the background. My computer is about 7-10 years old( I don't fully remember when I got it), and have never gotten any new parts. I have recently gone through and uninstalled everything in...
  2. Hardware
    Hi folks I have a motherboard that only has Serial ATA 3GB/s connectors for hard drives. I know that connecting a 6GB/s SSD as a boot drive would work but was wondering if it would be worth the expense ? I know that running a 6GB/s SSD on a 3GB/s port will impair the SSD speed somewhat. I have...
  3. Windows 7
    I have an Asus U52F. With Windows 7. All in all its a fantastic computer. Only thing, snail slow. It will freeze up and get caught a lot because of how slow it is. I'm just wanting some help with anything you can do to the system to speed it up. If anyone has any suggestions or helpful hints it...
1-3 of 3 Results