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  1. Tech Tips and Reviews
    Hi everyone, I'm from Australia, and looking to buy a new laptop from Acer's online store. Specifically, this one: Does anyone have any experience with buying laptops from Acers online...
  2. Games
    Hello! I'm looking for a new gaming laptop and after a lot of searching I've found two I'm quite interested in, and I think a more qualified person could help me identify the exact pros and cons of each one. I apologise if this isn't the right section to post on, nothing else seemed to fit my...
  3. Hardware
    Hello all! I am in the process of finding a new laptop (my lenovo has fallen apart and I'm headed off to university, so an upgrade is needed). To start off - doing this research has made me feel like the John Snow of technology, in that I have realized I know NOTHING. I'm looking for a laptop...
  4. Hardware
    Hello everyone, Im currently thinking about upgrading my laptop so that i can play Overwatch smoothly. It runs fine 90% of the time but sometimes it's laggy. I know my laptop is not built for gaming, and i intend to get a gaming pc soon (gotta save up for that tho) but how and in which ways...
  5. Games
    I linked my system specifications so can anyone suggest me a game which I can get atleast 30 fps
1-5 of 5 Results