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  1. Multimedia
    Hi everyone, I recently bought cheap soundbar on Amazon. I connected it via audio connectors to my older plasma tv. The instructions told me It can play Bluetooth and play music from my phone. I’m only using it for my television but unfortunately it did not come with a remote for volume...
  2. Hardware
    So, soon I am buying a new monitor and cheap soundbar for my new setup. the monitor has a VGA, HDMI(will be taken up by my Xbox) and a headphone jack. Now, since the soundbar is cheap it only has a USB and 3.5mm outputs. how would i connect my soundbar to my monitor or xbox so that sound would...
  3. Multimedia
    Hi All, I'm not great with technology...but I have just bought a PS4 and the sound from the tv is not great quality so I bought a soundbar - problem being I'm not sure how to have the sound come from soundbar and visual on tv. Seems to be either/or. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results