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  1. Hardware
    when ever i boot or restart my computer my sound from my headphones is always disabled and i have to turn it on manually via the bottom right corner of the desktop thanks...
  2. Hardware
    Good day. I have a very weird problem and I've only found 2 threads about it on the web and they don't really lead to solutions. Here is my Problem... So one day I'm trying to hook my headset up so that I can talk to fellow gamer's when playing online games, and it came to my conclusion as I...
  3. Hardware
    Hi there, I have been experiencing some strange things going on with my headset and microphone, both are USB devices. Backstory: The headset is nearing the 2 year old mark (Logitech G430 - I do use the software provided) and haven't had any issues with it in the past. The microphone is new and...
1-3 of 3 Results