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  1. Do It Yourself (Not Computer-Related)
    Hello all, I'm having trouble connecting my Nvidia 3070 to my Sony Bravia VH2 tv. When the video card is connected to the TV, I am greeted with a pink static screen (see attached). Things I have tried to do to troubleshoot the issue: -Soft and hard restart both the PC and the TV -Uninstall...
  2. Multimedia
    I have a 2015 Sony W800C Android TV running Android 8 and i have never had an issue with it until it updated itself 2 weeks ago from Android 7 to 8. Straight after the update, i noticed it wasn't playing my media. I have a simple setup, and it includes a 1TB Hard Drive with all my HD Movies on...
  3. Networking
    Recently, we have received a notice that we have used over a terabyte of data. Our provider is Xfinity. After checking how much data was being used by each device, we noticed a device called “Cloudnet”, that has used 7% of our data. Internet searches lead to a Cloudnet virus. This is very...
1-3 of 3 Results