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  1. Multimedia
    Hi Tech Guys! I searched ALL forums for this topic and got no results. I hope someone has some suggestions. I have a Philips Blu Ray BDP2185 3D model. I have it connected to my LG Smart TV via an HDMI cable (the best option, imo). I don't have wireless headphones to hear the audio from the Blu...
  2. Hardware
    So, as the title says I'm having trouble with the connection from my laptop to my tv through hdmi, and I've tried quite a few things to solve the problem, but I'm not the most gifted person with computers or technology as a whole, I've simply run out of ideas. Before I moved out from my...
  3. Hardware
    need hlep to choose correct new router for my needs: ok so I got a tv (it is Xmas gift so will be installing it next week)which is not quite intelligent called element smart led tv (32 inch) bought this as it was 155$ and it fitted the budget it has Netflix, and a cartoon network and temperature...
1-3 of 3 Results