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  1. Apple Mobile Devices
    Recently got a new phone: an iphone 7. We bought it used, but typically there aren’t many issues with the phone when buying them used. Seemed fine for the first few days, but after about five days suddenly I started getting an “Invalid SIM” message, and later a “No SIM” message. We restarted the...
  2. Android Mobile Devices
    How can I ensure my phone isn't being monitored? Maybe I'm paranoid but I feel like my screen, my location, my apps, passwords, personal info... Is being monitored and/or influenced remotley possibly granted access, phyically, by someone who can knows either how to hack or program or something...
  3. Android Mobile Devices
    I have already 3 smartphones Wiko rainbow in my hands with the same problem and I just can't figure out what to do to solve this problem. When I try to turn on the phone, it freezes once the logo "rainbow" shows up. I tried to reset to factory settings but it did nothing. I tried to connect it...
1-3 of 3 Results