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  1. Games
    Hi, my friend recently gifted me his old PC build as my laptop recently died. The issue I am having is even tho I'm finaly up and running with windows everything is so slow like response times are bad web pages take ages to load and I can barely run games at 5fps even when put to potato settings...
  2. Windows 10
    Specs: Windows 10 Pro AMD A6 5400K Radeon HD Graphics 8GB RAM I need advice for why my PC is so slow. I have anti-virus and i'm not getting any viruses or malware. Im not sure if it i the specs or another problem. I mainly use it for gaming and i'm barely managing to play games. Please...
  3. Games
    I got my gaming pc last year and was running completely fine. Now however, I've been losing fps in games that usually weren't a problem for me like: csgo, fortnite etc. It's meant to be capable of running Overwatch, but when I did, all settings had to be put on low, and the minimum fps i got was...
1-3 of 3 Results