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  1. Apple Mac
    Updating my Macbook Air and the screen is stuck on this.
  2. Networking
    I am running MAC OS Sierra 10.12.6. Two days ago my wifi stopped working. I checked my Belkin ROUTER first and saw that the internet light was red. I then checked my MODEM provided to me by Morris Broadband and saw that the internet light was green. So I connected my computer directly to the...
  3. Apple Mac
    MBP 2013 500gb 8gbramm. Few months ago had kernel panic error stalling startup, it sat for a while until I attempted and was able to reinstall os few weeks ago. Then few days ago had issues with accessing mail and deleting/couldn't trash anything, 'error - 69845'. Thought update to sierra from...
  4. Apple Mac
    mac is stuck on loading screen and have tried to go to recovery mode and reinstall sierra but it just says something about volume and restart and try again but it dont work.
  5. Hardware
    Hello all. I am completely new to this so please be gentle. I have recently Bought a mac mini 2012 running Sierra and along side this a presonus firestudio mobile. I bought the firestudio as it's website claims driver support for osx Sierra. When plugged in through a firewire 400 to 800...
  6. Apple Mac
    I upgraded to Sierra yesterday. My odt files are opening in TextEdit instead of LibreOffice. When I go into 'Get Info' there is no option to change which program is the default for that extension. Is there a new way to change the default program in Sierra? Thanks PegM
1-6 of 6 Results