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  1. Tech Tips and Reviews
    Just a Tip Advise for someone collecting references Divide a category you want. EX(New Window with Car Images/New Window Truck Images) Put different categories in separate windows Open image in new tab as many pictures as you like for that window. After finished select the tab with the image...
  2. Controversial Topics
    long-story-short: wifi network in my apartment is down for 24-36hrs, i go to library this morning, download movies from amazon & studied, get up to get drink from water fountain & ask girl to watch laptop 4 me, she doesn't, 30 seconds later i come back and it's gone, look around then report it...
  3. Business Applications
    I'm having a minor computer issue. Whenever there's a box open that allows upward or downward scrolling - such as volume controls, Microsoft word save boxes, etc, my computer automatically scrolls down. I've swapped out my keyboard and I still have the same problem.
  4. Business Applications
    How to restore the pdf file that was accidentally saved by another pdf file?? I have accidentally saved a file to another existing file. Now there's two file with same data. Is there any way to restore the data that was overwrite? Please help to answer asap. Thank you very much.
1-4 of 4 Results