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  1. Hardware
    Hello, I'm new to this forum, and I'm wondering what I can do to get sound back. The sound on my PC goes to my headphones, but when I installed a brand new RX 590 into it and installed the drivers, I lost audio. And for some strange reason, it says that the audio is working, which I know for a...
  2. Games
    Hello everyone, I encounter low fps in games that I shouldn't. For example, in Dota 2 i have sometimes 60-80 fps in some moments 100 but rarely..But sometimes I have 40-60 max.. It really bothers me. I actually tried to lower graphics but not with a noticeable improvement. I play other games too...
  3. Hardware
    I have recently made my first ever pc which I'm so proud of as I have no experience of this at all and learned from watching a few videos on line , everything works great except the gpu on idle it's 30c but as soon as I start to play rust on potatoe setting (lowest) it sores up to 82-83c and I...
1-3 of 3 Results