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  1. Games
    i cant join any roblox game on my pc, it gives me an error when i try to play. the things that i tried: ive reset my ip, re install roblox, reset shader cache, re download graphics drivers, delete temp files, create a new windows user, changing ethernet cable, using a different internet. But...
  2. Games
    a few days before the roblox website doesnt work, i was so laggy - i tried restarting the wifi ( and modem ) but its the same, then one day ago, i tried opening the website but it just keeps loading and it says error and the website was automatically closed but if i wait a long time, it works...
  3. Games
    It worked fine for 3 years, but today when I tried playing it said updating before giving me an error message saying the following: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Roblox An error...
1-3 of 3 Results