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  1. Web & Email
    I'm not sure, but I can't get into my Facebook & I think it may have something to do with my email. I've tried from my Android phone and multiple laptops and my desktop. I changed my pword Monday at work, but I was interrupted before I could save it. I've tried to reset the pword via my email...
  2. Web & Email
    Hello, I forgot my email password of my gmail account. But I still logged in to the same account using windows mail universal app both of my mobile and PC. And also in chrome profiles. And I mistakenly couldn't save the password in google password. And now I couldn't be able to log in to my...
  3. Windows 7
    Hi and thanks in advance because I sure hope someone can help me! I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium and I've forgotten my administrator password. I can get in under the guest account but don't have a password reset disc. Is there anyway I can recover my account without having to do a complete...
  4. Web & Email
    Hello! I have a slight problem with signing into my new HP laptop. I was bought this laptop as a birthday present not that long ago. My usual Email which I use for everything is with Google, so when I got this laptop I made a new email simple for the new laptop. I had the password to my email...
  5. Networking
    Hi there, I have a Fios Quantam Gateway router and I was wondering if anyone out here knew how to reset the admin password. Thanks, Jamieson
1-5 of 5 Results