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  1. Hardware
    hello I have recently built my own pc but it only shows a blackscreen. the monitor recognices input but only shows a blackscreen. on the motherboard the dram light is lit up, i have tried multiple things such as: cleaning ram, removing it andputting back in and also checked every powercable...
  2. Hardware
    Hello. About a year ago I built this PC and installed it with 16 gb of ram. Today I installed two more of the exact same sticks to upgrade to 32 gb. My computer recognizes that I have installed the extra 16 but says it is not being used as you can see from the attached image. I have tried every...
  3. Hardware
    i have a problem that if the electricity went off or i restarted my computer the PC can't boot no more and i need to change all ram places till it works and i keep rebooting till i can put all my 4x4g of ram 16g all x4 rams, right now it only works with a one piece i couldn't boot it when i put...
  4. Hardware
    My ram keeps crashing the whole pc like this , I've never seen anything like this in my life it also does a sound like a sewing machine when this crash occu rs. and I can't find any solution for it online , any suggestions ?
  5. Business Applications
    my computer has some problems..... After I use my computer after some time it shows annoying screen in the monitor..... It doesn't responds... Then i need to restart it by pressing in the reset button of my cpu..... I am in a great problem.... Who can help me? My computer model is Gigabyte...
  6. Windows 10
    I have a 64 bit system Windows 10 when i openned my system tab i found that only about half of my ram is usable i looked at a solution online but nothing worked please help this is very important Thanks in advance please reply
1-6 of 6 Results