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  1. Hardware
    Hi, For a while now I've been noticing my RAM usage being unreasonably high. I've tried to research solutions and have currently tried to update network drivers(which helped to some degree), I disabled the Ndu, which temprarily helped to a small degree. My ram usage is still at an unreasonable...
  2. Hardware
    Good day, Over the past few months, I have seen the performance of my Dell Inspiron 1545 worsen. This happened after I got it's battery fixed and bought a new charging cable. Turns out, there's a constant memory leak (the memory usage goes all the way to 98% - about 2gb on the process and the...
  3. Hardware
    Hello, i need some help with my computer. When i play a game called h1z1 my cpu usage is like 30% and sometimes at 90% so it goes up to 4.45ghz when its a 4.20ghz cpu and my ram usage is 90% all the time, in the task manager it says that it is using 7,1-7,9gb of 8gb. All my things in my computer...
1-3 of 3 Results