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  1. Windows Server
    Hello all, Were trying to transition into a bigger business by upgrading our server. Currently we have a regular desktop run our server, its an i5, 1tb HDD 7200rpm with win 10. Every week our file backup is only 2gb in size so size capacity isnt our problem but speed... In the office we only...
  2. Hardware
    Hello, I have (3) 2TB drives ran in RAID 5 that seems to have this disappeared in windows 7 this morning. I believe the RAID is controlled through my motherboard (ASUS Crosshair V Formula Z), using AMD RaidXpert utility. This utility shows all physical drives status as 'functional', S.M.A.R.T...
  3. Hardware
    Hello. I am already using 2 SSD's in Raid 0, but am planning on buying 2 more of the same exact ones so that I can get the backup capability in case one of the drives fail. I already have Win 7 installed on the Raid 0 setup. When I do install the two other drives, would I need to reinstall the...
1-3 of 3 Results