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  1. Hardware
    Can anyone tell me if either of these cards have loud fan noise when running? Thanks for reading.
  2. All Other Software
    So, I bought a new Neewer NW-800 mic, and I noticed that when I listen to it there's a subtle static. I was having other problems which led me to uninstall the Realtek software from my PC, and I noticed this completely removed the static. Upon reinstallation, and when Realtek became the...
  3. Apple Mobile Devices
    I just cleaned out my earbuds this morning (they're Apple earbuds). I used a dry nylon toothbrush to brush out much of the debris and used an alcohol swab to clear the rest out. My right earbud is working fine, phenomenally in fact, but my left earbud is suddenly much much quieter. Could the...
1-3 of 3 Results