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  1. General Security
    Hey guys, I need help on this as I really don't understand after trying hours to find an answer. "why can sql queries be malformed using user input?" I'm trying to learn ethical hacking and this just threw me in a loop!
  2. Windows Server
    LDAP/AD Experts, It might be simple for you but its challenging task for me!. "ldap queries - need the dn of the users who are authenticated via ldap protocol and their IP address" We are migrating authentication out of AD/LDAP. We're looking to migrate applications that are directly using AD...
  3. Business Applications
    Hello again: New database, new problem I thought I've built my parts like I'm used to but something's not happening right. I have a form where a person makes an order, and when they are ready it's supposed to go to a report to show their request. The report is coming up with no data (fields...
  4. Business Applications
    Good Morning! I have a database for work that uses a lot of macros (since I am not good at visual basic), and has lots of querys. I have several different companies, and hundreds of employees at each company. I am attempting to do the following: 1-Use dropdown field on Access Form, listing...
  5. Business Applications
    Assume I know nothing (yes my name is Jon). Anyway, I want excel to go to a url, populate some fields (date range, location), run the report, then download it in csv format. The url is actually an internal SQL database so this should be simple via just using a SQL table. However, my company...
  6. Networking
    Hi to all, I am new to this Forum and working as a support Engineer.
1-6 of 6 Results