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  1. Hardware
    Hello I have recently had problems with my desktop PC not powering on when pressing power button. It's pretty high end gaming system with parts only about 3 years old. I see that my motherboard is getting power because the rgb is on but the pc just won't power on. However, sometimes after I...
  2. All Other Software
    Not sure where else to put this, so hopefully here is good. For the past few days my PC has been slow and freezing a lot, so I was trying to fix it and found that my power usage is "Very High" in my task manager. Not sure what caused this or how to fix, been looking everywhere trying to solve...
  3. Hardware
    I have scoured the internet all day and night, I've found many of the same suggestions an have had no success. I have recently installed a new power supply: EVGA 1300 GT (My PC would shut off with any combination OC ie: just CPU OC was fine OR just GPU OC but NOT both, PSU calculator sites...
  4. Hardware
    Neutral prong broke
  5. Hardware
    Problem started a few days ago when I turned on the power outlet (UK) to a extension cable I used this socket hub to connect my PC and my monitor. The wall outlet when I turned it on started to make popping sounds, going from barely noticeable to a loud pop. But then the PC works fine without...
  6. Hardware
    My PC has suddenly stopped booting up and occasionally will not power on at all. On the times it does power on, it will not boot at all. Occasionally it would sound as if it was whirring up, then suddenly would stop and try booting up again. I took a friends advice to check the PSU by unplugging...
1-6 of 6 Results