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  1. Hardware
    Built my second Pc a week ago. When I finished it, tried to turn it in, it didn't boot. Still doesn't. Thought it was a problem with a faulty power supply but I reordered and the same issue. RGB on motherboard and RAM is working but other than that there is no response from the PC other than the...
  2. Hardware
    My GPU usage drops to 0 percentage and to minimum clocks while gaming. The power usage is also very fluctuating and then monitor shows no display but I can hear in game audios. It worked alright for over a year. I want to know if its the power supply or the GPU's problem Specs I5-2400 8gb ddr3...
  3. Hardware
    I was playing Black Ops Cold War when suddenly my PC shut off and kept trying to restart but couldn't. I rebooted the PC and after a couple attempts I loaded into windows, however it shut off again when I tried running Black Ops. I assumed it was my old HD that was causing the problem because it...
  4. Hardware
    Hi. I ordered asrock h410m hdv motherboard. Along intel I5-10400. And I have this orignal hp psu. Will this work?
1-4 of 4 Results