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  1. Hardware
    I want to know which processor should I go for I check many processor of different price range and have budget of 15000INR($200) for a processor and can manage other parts. I want to build a pc to play medium games like valorant and GTA V and few studies via teams app and zoom app also...
  2. Software Development
    Hi ,i'm dhruv IWant to know that i'm going to market to upgrade my processor to i5 and want to install a 4gb ram , so,can you tell me what will be the approximate cost i would have to pay. I have a pc with ram 2 gb and processor dual core.
  3. Hardware
    I am going to buy a new laptop (lenovo v130) and a acquaintance mine says he can upgrade the its processor from i 3 to i 5 really cheap, i just want to know , is it safe and worth?
1-3 of 3 Results