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  1. Hardware
    I want to know which processor should I go for I check many processor of different price range and have budget of 15000INR($200) for a processor and can manage other parts. I want to build a pc to play medium games like valorant and GTA V and few studies via teams app and zoom app also...
  2. Hardware
    Recently I bought a GPU, Radeon RX Vega 64 8GB HBM2, off of ebay who seller looked reliable to replace my old one. My old PC set up had a XFX 580 GPU and after only a couple hours of the PC being on games would start having a glitching problem, as in everything on screen would pause for less...
  3. Hardware
    Hi there, I know I have a previous thread but I thought this would be more relevant under a new title. Basically, I am looking to get a new computer as I want to upgrade my gaming performance. I currently have an I5-4440 and I use my computer predominately for gaming. Not like high games but...
  4. Hardware
    I was gaming when suddenly my pc turned off, when i try to start it it doesnt start and marks a red led saying cpu on the motherboard, i tried a lot of things and any of them worked i need help (my specs are a b360 hd3 gigabyte motherboard, i7-8700, rtx 2060, 16 gigs of ram
  5. Hardware
    I am going to buy a new laptop (lenovo v130) and a acquaintance mine says he can upgrade the its processor from i 3 to i 5 really cheap, i just want to know , is it safe and worth?
  6. Hardware
    Good day all, I am currently building a Frankenstein computer, and I got a Mobo Model Number (ookt260), and when I look up schematics it says it is a LGA1350, but then I google imaged a pic of just the processor spot without the processor, it came up with my Mobo, and says 1355. I don't want...
  7. Games
    Hello, I am a Music Producer, I am looking forward to buying a Desktop PC. I am currently on a tight budget & I stumbled across this configuration, could you please tell me if it is any good for Music Production or not. I generally use 40-50 tracks in a song and around 4-6 plugins on each...
  8. Hardware
    1.I am upgrading my mobo hp compaq 6000 pro sff. From core2duo to core2quad[email protected]+3.00GHz&id=1050. The shopkeeper will test the processor infront of me(iam purchasing used one) but i want to make sure i purchase good one. How to...
  9. Hardware
    can I switch an intel i3 7th generation from my Dell Inspiron 3668 desktop to my HP Mini 5103? I don’t know socket types or anything like that.
  10. Apple Mac
    I am trying to buy a cheap iMac that is equivalent or nearly equivalent to a multi-use computer that I want to game and edit on. I came across a old mac pro that has 2 duo core 3.0ghz processors and I wanted to know is that equivalent to a quad core or i3 intel processor. I don't know much...
  11. Hardware
    So I am looking at this laptop for my friend and so far the specs I know of are fine for what he uses it for. The issue is I have never heard of this processor I am not very knowledgeable on these things I just know very very little but enough to know it will work for what he uses it for. I have...
1-11 of 11 Results