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  1. Hardware
    i press one of the options and bam back to the same thing. i wanted to play ga,es with friends but can’t cuz the problem
  2. Hardware
    so.. I just bought a new monitor for my laptop, the problem consist in the fact that when I connect it to the laptop it runs with intel graphic card when I have an Nvidia gtx 1050. The problem is with the laptop because I just tried with my another rtx 2060 max q laptop and it works good. I...
  3. Hardware
    I dropped my laptop yesterday and it was working fine. Today I noticed that beside the power button, the metal had been pushed out. When I go to turn my laptop on it switches on
  4. Hardware
    Hello, Monitor: ASUS VX-238 So I had power issues for awhile, i had to find the sweat spot for the it to power up,but it completely lost the spot and wont turn on ( it flicks) . After looking on the internet I decided open up the monitor and i think i found the problem,the power port itself...
  5. Hardware
    Hey, my name is Nate, I'm currently living in a dorm at a college campus. Right now I'm having trouble with my ethernet cord that is connected to my PC. I don't know if it is the ethernet cord or if its even a hardware question, however, I'm hoping that somebody can help. Right now it says I'm...
  6. Networking
    Basically, when a device gets internet access from the home wifi network another device cannot access internet from the same wifi network. Sorry for my terrible description.
1-6 of 6 Results