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  1. Networking
    Hello I recently built my first gaming PC. For my ps4 and laptop I have used a power line adapter connection with an ethernet cable with no issues. Simply plugged it in and it worked for those devices. I downloaded Windows 10 for my PC and connected this same ethernet connection to it. My PC...
  2. Networking
    Hello, i'm karra and im need of some help. Using win 10 i have had my own pc for a while now and up until now i have been using a Wi-Fi adapter. But i saved up some money and went and bought myself a powerline unit. (TP link TL-PA4010P) This is supposed to give me cabled internet. but there is...
  3. Networking
    Unable to contact your DHCP server. Request timed out. I cant use PowerLine adapters since when i connect it, i get no internet access. Ive tried rebooting the pc, router, flush dns, disabling anti-virus, etc. Still have no answer. plez halp((((
1-3 of 3 Results