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  1. Hardware
    it has been a week since my laptop stoped working I droped it on its back (were the fans bleed exaust air) Usually this has no effect on the laptop but this time it decided to just shut off No indicators light up The led on the power button does nothing The charger works and so does the...
  2. Hardware
    Last night I was using my computer and I accidently pressed the switch to turn off my power strip with my foot. I had to get off anyways so I left it off. This morning I went to turn my computer on and it wont turn on, no lights, fans or anything is turning on. Please help!!
  3. Hardware
    Dear Friends, Yesterday I was using my laptop as usual and suddenly saw Kernel Memory Dump BSOD and then nothing happened for more than 5mins. I used the power key to shut the computer. Now when I am trying to start it, it won't start. I am using DELL Inspiron 15 (3542) model with Windows 10...
1-3 of 3 Results