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  1. Hardware
    My PC (Little over a year or two old) has hardly had any issues, but today I have gone to turn it on and the power light comes on for a couple seconds, the fan turns on, but then it shuts off again, but then powers up and does the same thing over and over. And it just repeats this process over...
  2. Hardware
    Hi all, Desktop pc running Windows 10. After installing a new gpu, I stupidly changed a setting in the bios that I didn't understand, pc instantly powered off. Now won't reboot, powers on but black screen, no power to keyboard etc. Have removed video card and tried different monitors in...
  3. Hardware
    I have an old gateway laptop. it was just on. I was hooking up a drawing tablet screen from xppen when the laptop just shut off and won't turn on again. I took the battery out, unplugged the power source and held the button down for at least a minute. nothing is working. help me please.
  4. Hardware
    I am attempting to replace the screen on my laptop. It works otherwise and I currently connect it to a monitor. While waiting for the replacement screen I purchased, I opened the laptop to look at what I've got to work with. I disconnected the pins and detached the old screen. Then, I reattached...
  5. Games
    Hello, as the title says, with more graphics heavy games (Rainbow Six Siege, The Isle, Shadow of War, etc) my PC will crash on occasion after loading into games. (This will also happen after loading into games, and then crash anywhere between 5 minutes or 5 hours, however this is rarer) This...
  6. Hardware
    So basically i get a black screen randomly. i can be just checking emails, or playing games. tries different cables. tried a different monitor and same thing. Time to time the graphics card power goes also, then have to restart the computer to get it to boot up again. Any thoughts or other...
1-6 of 6 Results