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  1. Networking
    I'm trying to forward some ports because i want to stream games from my pc to an android device through an app called moonlight which requires portforwarding. I've been trying and searching for hours and I don't know what is wrong. These are the required ports: "The following ports must be...
  2. Networking
    Hi there, I am trying to host a teamspeak3 server for my friends and I but I they can't seem to connect to my external IP address. After checking if all the correct port where open I found that port 9987 is still closed even though I have it forwarded, I was wondering how can I open the port or...
  3. Networking
    Greetings! I will try to keep this short. My current Setup: Main Router: Model : Bell Canada Connection Hub SSID : Wifi 1 Security : WAP2 Gateway : Subset Mask : DHCP : On IP Range: to Access Point: Model : D-LINK DIR-820L SSID : Wifi 1...
1-3 of 3 Results