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  1. Networking
    I am not very tech-savvy so I will explain this as best I can! I work from home and have a mitel IP phone for incoming calls, in order to be connected to my clients phone network it needs to be plugged in to the router. I am wanting to move my desk to upstairs and I am looking for a way to...
  2. Networking
    Hey, I recently built my home office and would like to upgrade my existing home network that basically contains just a router and about 20 devices all connecting off it. It's struggling big time. I need a Network Switch to manage the traffic on the network, Can someone please let me know what...
  3. Networking
    We have a Ubiquity Unifi AP that does PoE. It came with a power supply so that t would be easy to use without a PoE switch. We started upgrading our home network for 1gb data rate when I stumbled across a PoE switch. Now, one problem we had in the past with our AP is the fact that, because it...
1-3 of 3 Results