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  1. Web Design & Development
    As being a WordPress Developer I am searching for the Best B2B eCommerce For WooCommerce Plugin which has: Powerful Quotation Functionality Customer-Level Pricing Structures Sign-up Form for Wholesale Buyers Gate Pricing for Non-Logged-In Audience Custom Payment Methods For Individual...
  2. Web Design & Development
    I am planning to install a membership plugin that will restrict some pages to members only. I see there are many available BUT I also need a facility whereby a member can send an automatic message to a product supplier simply by clicking a button which will be shown with the product. The...
  3. Web Design & Development
    I hired someone to help with design of a webpage and without my permission he uploaded WP Bakery Visual Composer plugin. The plugin changed the appearance of the dashboard as well as the layout of each page of the website -- the sliders are messed up, the sidebar is on the bottom of each page...
  4. Web Design & Development
    I just changed the theme on my blog from a free theme to something a bit more...updated. :) Something that really bothers me is that my subscribers seem to have disappeared? The guy who set up my theme for me installed Mail Poet to manage subscriptions, but I can't find any trace of my...
  5. Games
    In addition to my earlier post, I now have an unrelated problem. A "can't load plugin" message appears when I try to load Miramagia in Chrome. I can still get in the game from Firefox, and get access the forum, etc in Chrome, but not the game itself. Help!
  6. Web Design & Development
    I wanna create a website, where people can come and download webcam drivers for free! There are so many drivers, it seems impossible! I know there are plugins like wp robot, but it only works for rss, I wanna get content from How do I do...
1-6 of 6 Results