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  1. Hardware
    I've had this issue with my Dell laptop for months now where it says that it is "plugged in, not charging." Usually the way I'd fix it is I play around with the cord or i remove the battery and drain the residual power from the laptop. Also, uninstalling the battery thingy in the device manager...
  2. Apple Mac
    HI MY MACBOOK AIR IS HAVING ANNOYING ISSUES SUCH AS -loud fan -not working unless plugged in -specific keys not working -spinning beach ball I have done research and many say an SMC reset should fix all these problems but I am unable to do that as I require to use the shift and power key and...
  3. Windows 7
    Our laptop is a Dell Latitude E6520, and runs on windows 7. When the battery icon is opened it says "plugged in, not charging". The battery is brand new. Do you know how to fix this? P.S. Sometimes i can get it to charge, but if unplugged it becomes slow and will not charge again for awhile :(
1-3 of 3 Results