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  1. Business Applications
    my computer has some problems..... After I use my computer after some time it shows annoying screen in the monitor..... It doesn't responds... Then i need to restart it by pressing in the reset button of my cpu..... I am in a great problem.... Who can help me? My computer model is Gigabyte...
  2. Hardware
    I can't figure out whether these are dead pixels or if these are from pressure. These little white specks/dots also faintly have a black and red checked pattern in behind them. Please help me define this situation! And if there is a way that I myself can fix it! Thanks!!!
  3. Games
    Hello everybody, I really need help with my mouse pixel skipping/acceleration. It clearly jumps pixels, but also jumps suddenly on slow to medium speed movements. Please read to the end, this is not something trivial! I ran out of all options I know of on the Internet, for years already. I...
1-3 of 3 Results