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  1. Business Applications
    Hi, I've been playing around with this and can't figure it out... I'd like to add a sold versus capacity percentage (I call it Load Factor) to a pivot table. I have attached my sample file with my notes. Could someone please try to help me out? Thank you so much. Fern.
  2. Business Applications
    I'm using a transform Pivot SQL from within Access VBA to create the data I need to build a report in Excel. This report will be used by the user. the data comes from committees held across a year, and the various attendees. I don't want large gaps with all the dates being across the transform...
  3. Business Applications
    Is it possible to have a user choose a value from a dropdown box outside a pivot table (which matches an existing pivot table field) which places that column into the pivot table rows area? I have a matrix table with 4 main column headings (ABCD) that i can place into my pivot table rows area -...
1-3 of 3 Results