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  1. Hardware
    Sounds like my PC is totally non functioning but it is! I really need your help figuring out the problem. I built it 3 years ago with Radeon HD 7970 GPU - always had problems with intermittent game crashes and browsers closing down when surfing the net etc. Thought it was the GPU, got in...
  2. Hardware
    Hey dudes, came here to get some assistance! Here's my situation! I've tried 3 different GPUs (Sapph VaporX HD5770, GTX 660ti, some oldGeForce card) on 2 different MOBOSs (Z97 & 990FXA Giga) on 1 500w Antec PSU . Both mobos at 1 ram stick etc. updated BIOS. Both are currently breadboarded. For...
1-2 of 2 Results