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  1. Hardware
    i have the msi b450m-a pro motherboard, ryzen 5 5500 cpu, aerocool integrator power supply, and lian li lancool 2 mesh case. the problem is that neither the case usb or motherboard usb ports are working. as far as i know the motherboard is fine, the cpu fan spins as do the case fans/ rgb. i’ve...
  2. Hardware
    So my computer completely turns on and works fine but has been randomly showing no display signal every few months. Usually I fix it by unplugging gpu and replugging it in, resetting display settings, or even making sure my ram is all the way in but I have yet to find a solution on fixing it...
  3. Hardware
    For some reason I turn my pc on and everything turns on fine and the fans are spinning normally and my keyboard and mouse light up to but when I try to type in my password or click my mouse it doesn’t register and my mouse and keyboard are both plugged in so I don’t know what the problem is and...
  4. Hardware
    All that happens when I turn it on is the pc lights work but the boy moniter says no signal. I've used a different moniter and a different hdmi cable but my gaming pc still stays the same.
  5. Hardware
    i press one of the options and bam back to the same thing. i wanted to play ga,es with friends but can’t cuz the problem
  6. Virus & Other Malware Removal
    Hello EveryOne! I am heavily interested in the field of Computer Security and Malware Analysing and Cyber-Awareness so I always search about all these topics in Internet and gain knowledge, and I also use cracked programs, activators(not many only 2 or 3) and my life was going very smooth no...
  7. Hardware
    So I recently built a PC everything was working fine and then boom its shut off. I had just finished installing the Windows 10 pro when I was about to finish creating my profile when the computer settings just cut off. When I went to boot it back up the PC lights would come on but the PC would...
  8. Hardware
    I am buying a PC from HP. I went to the website and selected the parts they are going to build. I picked out the 2060 super and the PSU only went to 400w. Will that be enough or would i have to upgrade. I don’t know anything about PC
  9. Hardware
    This is my very first PC build and I’m having some complications. There’s no YouTube videos that thoroughly show me where to place my F panel cord into my motherboard and the directions weren’t that much help . I have a NZXT H510 case with a ASRock B450M Steel legend motherboard. I know the area...
  10. Hardware
    Hello everyone. I am having trouble with my pc that runs windows 10. Recently the pc would react to vibrations and the screen would shut off and my pc would become loud. I would just reset the computer and go back to playing games. One day all of a sudden the process happened. Now I can turn on...
  11. All Other Software
    Hello, I’m looking into a list of a few low cost computers. I was wondering if anywho who is knowledgeable on specs could help me out on selecting the right pc/laptop for creative cloud products. Thank you
  12. Virus & Other Malware Removal
    I installed avg antivirus from then i setup it after that my pc crashed i could do nothing i cant even shut it down then i turned it off from the power button and returned it on when it turned on it was normal but after 1 minute the same crash happened and i tried the same thing it...
  13. Hardware
    So, my pc turns of perfectly fine but I don’t hear a post beep. It stays on until I turn it off. I’m not getting any gpu input to my monitor or anything. I have tried removing the lithium battery for 5 mins, taking out and testing the ram individually, tried multiple monitors and multiple hdmi...
  14. Hardware
    I’ve had my PC for about 8-9 months now. Specs: Ryzen 5 2600, RX-580, ASUS B450 Prime Mobo, 2x8 Ram, 600w PSU Yesterday night, after playing with some friends i put my PC on sleep mode after a few hours away from it, i turned it on but didn’t receive any display. I watch a couple of Youtube...
  15. All Other Software
    Guys, I literally don't have bios anymore, I straight tried everything, I need it to enable Intel VT for the VM-ware that runs Kali-Linux because if I use any old VM-ware it will be slow as hell and I already have a potato for a laptop (Lenovo G580).
  16. Hardware
    Hi, so i just built my own gaming pc and when i turn it on everything is working just perfect, but when i connected my monitor nothing displayed and i made sure everything was working with the monitor and i even hooked it up to my tv and still nothing. My specs are, ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING...
  17. Hardware
    Hey guys I don’t know if I’m posting this in the right thread but I’m having trouble building my pc. I built it but it doesn’t wanna boot up. The LED on the motherboards light up but nothing else turns on. Could anyone help me please????
  18. Hardware
    I am going to build my first PC, and I have done my research and found my parts. Now I did research on what to do once I built my PC, but I am a little confused as I am a newbie. So is this correct: Once my PC is built, I will input a usb with a copy of windows in it. Then I turn on the PC, and...
  19. Hardware
    I am going to build a new PC, and I was wondering if I can use my old harddrive from my old PC and use it in my new PC build. It still has space in it. Should I do that or get a new harddrive? Will there be compatibility issues or any problems if I use my old harddrive?
  20. Windows 10
    I decided to reset my pc and after a while it gave me an error saying “the computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error windows 10” so I looked it up on YouTube and resolved it by going into childcompletion folder and putting the number 3. After that my pc began rebooting...
1-20 of 23 Results