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  1. Web Design & Development
    I've been using just PayPal as our shopping cart but a good chunk of our customers don't want to use Paypal. They tell me to get 2checkout or some other normal credit card options. I've been hearing about stripe a lot. Are these easy to install by my self? Do they allow users to receive an excel...
  2. Web & Email
    i need someone to please tell me an online money storage (i dont care whether its online banking or whatever just as long as it works with paypal) that i can use without providing ssn or another form of id and do not have to be 18
  3. Web Design & Development
    Hello... I have a website I created for a business I have. For this website my initial goal was to add a PayPal banner to the website that offered PayPal credit. Many people searching the sight would click on the banner and then message me that it doesn't work. What I realized is that a. it...
  4. Web Design & Development
    Whoever does help thank you in advance, as there are dead ends to skill here and there. I have an html jquery shopping cart with a the payment checkout for paypal, i just want to change the paypal button and checkout to Stripe card or bitcoin. If you can simply help me with this, it would be a...
  5. Web & Email
    I download New Scientist (no subscription - occassional issue only), using their app from GooglePlay, on my Android cell phone. I linked my Paypal account to my Google account and, up to now, had to input my Google password when making a purchase, but this is no longer the case. I changed my...
1-5 of 5 Results