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  1. Hardware
    Hi guys, can someone help me please, I have since 1 week a problem on my computer and especially when I'm playing games. When I start a game after 5 minutes of gameplay it freezes and shutdown the game (with differents error messages). I tested my RAM, my temperatures, updates/drivers on W10/GPU...
  2. Games
    i have recently built a new computer with my friend. but it wont let me play games like Call of Duty, or Need For Speed without crashing and sometimes blue screen of death. But i can play games like World of Warcraft, and Heroes of might and magic 3, without problems. i have tried disableing all...
  3. Hardware
    hello! I have a dell inspiron 5537 @1.8Ghz , 2.4Ghz it just have a less clock rate for gaming , i want to overclock it . idk my motherboard support it or not? and how to do it??
  4. Games
    I want to overclock or increase my performance on my laptop it's a hp pavilion 15 gaming laptop With Intel i7 8th Gen processor and gtx 1050ti graphics card.. Plz help I'm running it at stock 2.21 ghz I need to increase that
  5. Hardware
    Hello I installed an AIO water cooler in my pc, it took sometime and after I finished I had some trouble powering up the PC in the boot screen it showed me “overclocking failed “ press F1 to enter bios menu After that I entered into the pc windows but i saw that one of the 4 ram sticks is...
  6. Hardware
    I have a rx 5700 that i bios flashed to the xt bios and i can overclock it to a maximum of 2130mhz with memory at 950mhz and powerlimit +50 safely. im trying to find out my spot in the silicone lottery and am also curious to see other peoples results with it. Ungine superposition my best score...
  7. Hardware
    My Gtx 1050ti will crash after applying a +200 core clock. The problem is that the temperature of the GPU caps at 60 degrees, so it wont go any higher. I've set a 90 degrees limit using MSI afterburner. Can someone help?
  8. Hardware
    I have an system with these specs: CPU: AMD Phenom II x2 555BE (Unlocked to 4 Cores) CPU Cooler: AMD Stock Cooler (planning to upgrade to ANTEC Kuhler K120 water cooling) RAM: 10.0 GB HDD: 1TB Hitachi Deskstar 7.2k RPM PSU: iBall LPE-223 400 (400 watts) (planning to upgrade to Thermaltake 500W...
  9. Hardware
    Hi, i am saikat from kolkata , I install cooler master liquid lite 120 top of my cpu. then switch on my computer computer run fine but CPU temparataur increase from before. Before I used intel cpu fan that time temperature was 40 to 46 degree c with 4 to 5 % cpu work. But when I...
  10. Hardware
    so i have a AOC monitor of 1080p and a base refresh rate of 75 and when i try to overclock it to even 76 a black box appears with 'input not support' written on it. and it moves like the dvd logo's (from corner to corner) the monitor is AOC G2590VXQ.
  11. Games
    Recently I built my new rig with a 1080 ti and a 8700k but when I try to oc the 1080 ti past 2000mhz the fps drops from 120 in heaven to 30 and is only fixed if I reboot but i dont think its the silicone lottery because i assume then there would be artifacting and such it also drops to that...
  12. Games
    Hey, I have an gtx 1080ti OC ROG Strix I'm trying to get it overclocked.. but I can barely overclock it before the test just crash.. any suggestion or help? or is this just the max OC I can do with my card?
  13. Windows 10
    Hi, So i started out the day by trying to overclock my CPU. I changed the Multiplier and then for some stupid reason I decided to change the base clock from 100 to 104. I restarted my PC and it didn't boot up. I then reset my CMOS using the jumper and turned on my PC. It was fine at that point...
  14. Windows 10
    Hey everyone. So before i start with the Problem, i had a FX 4100 and overclocked it to 4,2 GHz. I had no problems with it. Everything was fine. Now i upgraded to a FX 8350 and im trying to Overclock it to 4,2 GHz aswell. The Problem: It aint working. Everytime i go above 3,6 GHz, it just wont...
  15. Hardware
    I just overclocked my 7700k to 4.7 ghz on an msi z170a sli plus and when I go into msi afterburner it says that the minimum and maximum clock speed is 4.7 ghz. I would like to turn the minimum clock speed down to 4.0 or less but I'm not sure as to how to do that.
  16. Hardware
    I need help to safely overclock my R9 200 Series Hi guys, Ive just downloaded MSI After burner and I'm looking to over clock safely but I have NO IDEA. What I'm doing and I aint gonna pretend I know either I have here my system specs hopefully it has everything you need to know...
  17. Hardware
    Hello! I was wondering why my computer goes blue screen if i put my fsb too high when using setfsb. I set it to a high fsb and check the temps and the temps are fine. Then 10 seconds later there is a blue screen. Anyone know why if the temps are fine? Is it the ram that is overclocked with it...
  18. Hardware
    Hello! I have seen online that for oem motherboards that you can not overclock the cpu with you could place tape at certain pins to boost the fsb of the cpu of 1066 to 1333. I want to do this but does it matter what kind of tape I use? Can i use regular scotch tape?
  19. Hardware
    The System has experienced boot failures because of overclocking or changes of voltage. Last changes in BIOs set up may not coincide with current H/W states. Current CPU speed: 3.20 GHz Current BCLK: 133 MHz Current Memory Speed: 1066 MHz Press any key to continue When I press any key...
  20. Games
    I have recently overclocked my cpu with setfsb and now when i play a game of league the game all of a sudden goes into slow motion and the movements are all slow. It goes back to normal after a few seconds then goes back to slow motion again. Is this caused by the overclocking and is there a way...
1-20 of 25 Results