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  1. Windows 10
  2. Apple Mac
    I have a 2015 Mac book pro. I had a larger internal hard drive installed 1 year ago and had it partitioned and boot camped. The past year I have been able to use both windows system and the Mac system with no problems. Until recently, when my track pad and keyboard randomly become...
  3. Hardware
    hello everyone, Im currently a new pc builder and just finished putting together my pc. Currently I'm using a MSI H110 Gaming mobo and I'm able to enter bios. I made a bootable usb drive with windows 8.1 on my mac with OS X el-capitan. Ive changed the boot order to my USB. The issue is that...
  4. Windows 10
    New build. gamer-x diy pc case. asus h170 m plus. seagate 1 tb HD. i5 6400 cpu. gtx 950 graphics card. I started my pc. popped in the win 10 usb and i got a sick pc error. Everything is new psu is a cmx 750 watt. I plug the usb in. it asks which bit. i select 64. per manufacturers requiements...
1-4 of 4 Results