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  1. Windows 10
    In my lenovo laptop I have installed windows in my SSD which is there in the Caddy while HDD is there in the original slot. Everytime while booting my laptop doesn't detect SSD for first few times and it automatically reboots, after few re booting it, detects it. How can i solve this problem in...
  2. Virus & Other Malware Removal
    I tried to run my laptop in Safe mode to try and remove .NEER malware. But instead my laptop has gone into automatic recovery mode. When it switches on it asks for the language preffered and then gives 2 options of troubleshoot or turn off . I have tried multiple methods using command prompt of...
  3. Windows 7
    Hello, I have a home built computer that has been running none stop since May of 2006. However, a week ago the Windows 7 Pro which is the OS on this PC hard drive would not boot past the logo. I got a BSOD with this message file mvs99xxx.sys could not be found. Now I am not familiar with this...
1-3 of 3 Results